Automated Reporting Services
from a single source

With our automated reporting services based on sophisticated data management, we relieve some of the burden of fund administration and allow you to focus on the essentials again: Your investments.

… and if you want to outsource accounting services in addition to your other reporting obligations, we also have appropriate solutions ready for you.


Our services
for your reporting


We take care of both the reporting of your AIF and AIMF (KVG) for the  Bundesbank’s statistics on investment funds  and the AIFMD reporting to BaFin, so that you can efficiently meet your regulatory reporting obligations.


In Luxembourg, we also offer an easy-to-use service to comply with regulatory reporting obligations to the supervisory authorities CSSF and Banque de Central. So why report it yourself?


If you operate across borders, you have probably already had to deal with the Foreign Trade and Payments Ordinance (AWV). Unfortunately, we cannot change this. But we could take care of the corresponding reporting obligations to the German Bundesbank for you.


If, in addition to your regulatory reporting obligations, you also want to comply with your obligations as a BVI member, we have appropriate solutions ready for you for the statistical reports as well as for the real estate fund reports.


With our automated reporting service in XML format, you have the new EDDy interface to the EDDy Information Center (EIC) of WM Datenservice under control and provide your investors with the latest portfolio data easily and efficiently.


We automatically provide your investors from the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe with your mandatory fund data in CSV format on a monthly basis via our own access to the AIMF (KVG) interface of Finanz Informatik.


If CRR institutions such as regional banks, savings banks or credit institutions are among your investors, we should have a conversation. We can relieve you of the effort involved in CRR reporting and calculations.


The easy way for asset management companies with solvency II and investors  to transfer portfolio data to the insurance world under the Solvency II and VAG regimes: our fund reporting service.

From problem to solution

What's the problem?

Fields of expertise beyond asset management are in demand

Asset managers make money from good investment decisions. But without regulatory reporting, some investors will no longer be able to subscribe. This brings new tasks to the industry for which asset managers are not trained.

Why is this a problem?

Asset managers are real estate experts, not data experts

In the course of coordinating data from different sources, a mixture of professional, regulatory and technical expertise is necessary. This expertise rarely corresponds to the core competence of our customers and goes beyond the KAGB.

How do we solve this?

ServiceInvest as a data manager with regulatory and technical expertise

We bundle regulatory reporting and thus achieve a size that allows us to invest in the relevant job profiles in a targeted manner. The technology used for this is the only one on the market to date that can generically record and implement new xml reports or .xlsx files without the use of additional programming. This allows us to develop economies of scale, which we pass on to our customers and provide advice on all questions relating to regulatory reporting.

Do I then have to implement software?

No! Our customers procure our service and therefore have no IT projects

Our customers do not need to build up their own IT and data management expertise. We take on this work and, with over 40 IT colleagues, ensure that our services are supported by solutions that meet the latest requirements.

Your advantages at a glance


Notifications to authorities, associations or investors contain a lot of context-specific data and complex calculations that arise on the basis of various special laws (KAGB, Solvency II/, CRR/ GroMiKV, etc.). Technical know-how is also required for data delivery.

Our reporting team uses your basic data, supplements all report-specific key figures for you and, if required, delivers the results directly to the common interfaces. You will receive an electronic confirmation of transfer.

Questions related to (regulatory) reporting are becoming increasingly relevant in the selection process of investors. We help to find the right answers and efficient implementation paths.

Our reporting team provides you with a single point of contact for all questions regarding regulatory reporting. We are often able to provide valuable implementation advice and share our know-how when initiating business with investors. Compared to the supervisory authorities, we have the expertise and can solve issues pragmatically.
Future-proof thanks to generic architecture

The market is constantly changing: laws require new key figures and reports, data interfaces are evolving.

Based on our specially developed IT solution, adjustments to future changes in reporting requirements are implemented quickly and efficiently. This gives you the security of always complying with the valid reporting requirements and being able to handle new reporting formats quickly.


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